Juntos: Creating Ties

Sustainable development through meaningful partnerships.

Environmental Initiative

The environmental protection initiative was enacted in multiple ways this past summer. Our group spent time working alongside community members to construct pro-respiratory stoves and latrines, and also learned about the agricultural practices in Rosa Grande. Pro-respiratory stoves are an efficient way to decontaminate the air and to conserve firewood. By using sealed chimney systems that lead smoke and ash out of the kitchen, pro-respiratory stoves decrease respiratory problems and prevent potential blindness. Similarly, latrines are sanitary ways to prevent refuse from polluting local water sources.

The Environmental Protection Initiative was also enacted through one group member’s work in the development of a Water Initiative, which addressed the problem of limited-access to clean drinking water in rural areas such as Rosa Grande. Despite the national and international efforts of governments and non-governmental organizations to improve water infrastructure in these regions, many areas continue to suffer from lack of access to these developments.

A goal of the Water Initiative is to understand the historical and engineering context for potable water system development prior to committing resources to the undertaking. The group member conducted research on water development in the R.A.A.N. to serve as a basis for a future sustainable water initiative. Present-day, the group is looking for feasible, sustainable methods to improve basic water needs in rural areas of Nicaragua.

Working on these various projects contained within the Environmental Protection Initiative allowed for first-hand collaboration between our group members and the residents of Rosa Grande. The results created through the completion of these various projects will lead to the further development and expansion of our initiatives, a deeper understanding of the community of Rosa Grande, and, in some cases, the production of facilities and equipment that will be directly utilized by the community.