Juntos: Creating Ties

Sustainable development through meaningful partnerships.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are developed with the help of Bridges to Community staff as well as recommendations from community members and leaders in Rosa Grande. Our organization works with a specific community for three to five years in order to maintain sustainable relationships. Last year, much of our work in Rosa Grande involved learning more about the community and understanding their perspectives on their livelihood.

Initiatives are formed in response to our past interactions with the communities in Nicaragua, our community discussions, and our individual conversations. Our mission is to develop our initiatives of education, cross-cultural art exchange, and environmental protection in order to facilitate dialogue between Rosa Grande and Pittsburgh. Ultimately, our goal is to bring positive social change through open communication and purposeful action.

Our group has developed four main initiatives planned in collaboration with the members of our group, our faculty advisor, and the non-profit, Nicaragua-based organization Bridges to Community. These initiatives will be worked on during the rest of the year and implemented during our stay in Rosa Grande from May 17 – May 27.