Juntos: Creating Ties

Sustainable development through meaningful partnerships.


Juntos is composed of a diverse array of bright Carnegie Mellon University students from a number of academic disciples.  The many social and educational backgrounds of our members contribute to more skillful initiative development and discussions around domestic and international service.Since it’s founding in 2007, Juntos has been advised by Therese Tardio, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies at Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Modern Languages. In addition to advising Juntos, Therese is a friend and mentor to many members.If you are interested in membership, please contact Junto’s Executive Board Leadership via our page on CMU’s Bridge to arrange for an interview.

Be sure to check out bios of current and previous Juntos members on our webpage!

JUNTOS Members

Hannah Salinas, co-director

HannahHannah is a sophomore in Industrial Design and Human Computer Interaction and one of the leaders of Juntos. She loves to engage in discussions and be part of a team on projects. Juntos has taught her to think critically about service and to share the experience rather than try to simply provide it.

Fun fact: Hannah’s dream class at CMU would probably be whittling – sitting and shaving wood for hours sounds relaxing and satisfying.

Sage Po, co-director

SSageage is a harpist and wants to be a music teacher when she grows up – starting as soon as she graduates from the School of Music this spring.  She discovered Juntos in Fall 2013, and being part of the organization has become one of her favorite CMU experiences.  She went to Rosa Grande during summer 2014 and is excited to send a new group on the adventure this year.

Fun Fact: Sage was born in a yurt in the woods and was homeschooled from that moment until she arrived at CMU.

Juan Acosta, international coordinatorJuan Headshot (2)

Juan is a senior in Global Studies and Hispanic Studies. He has been an active Juntos member for the last four years and has had the privilege to travel to Rosa Grande on two previous visits to the community. Through Juntos he found his passion for responsible international development and sustained civic engagement. He was born and raised in Miami, FL and loves to build sandcastles.

Fun fact: When he was younger, Juan’s dream was to be a writer for The Simpsons.

Maria Navarro-Gutierrez, Campus Relations Leader

MariaMaria is a freshman hoping to major in Global Studies and Professional Writing. In addition to serving with Juntos, she works with the local Nepali/Bhutanese and Latino communities, and reads for The Oakland Review literary journal. In her free time, Maria enjoys reading fantasy and history while snacking on chocolate pudding.

Fun Fact: Even though she is a freshman, this is Maria’s third year attending Carnegie Mellon (she attended preschool here as well).

Yue PanPam (2)

Pam is currently a second-year architectural student in Carnegie Mellon University. She is also an international student from Hangzhou, China. She has been a member of Juntos since 2013. She is interested in design, photography, traveling and cooking.

Kyra Bachmakova

kyraKyra is a master’s student at CMU’s Heinz College pursuing a public policy and management degree. She is also an international student from Germany. Kyra dreams of working for the European Commission. Her hobbies include traveling, yoga, piano and food.

Fun fact: Kyra speaks five languages.


Jasmine Kim

Jasmine Kim is currently a freshman psychology major at Carnegie Mellon University. In her free time, she enjoys knitting and watching Matt Bomer. Eventually, she hopes to become a speech pathologist so that she can help people become more confident in their voice.

Ananya Rajgarhia

ananyaAnanya Rajgarhia is a freshman majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Along with math and programming, Ananya enjoys drawing, singing and just jamming in general. She is very excited to travel to Nicaragua this summer and learn more about their culture.

Fun Fact: Ananya has lived in three different countries: US, India and Germany.

Hyunho Yoonhyunho

Hyunho Yoon is studying psychology and creative writing at Carnegie Mellon University. His dream is to become a humanitarian physician writer. He enjoys making coffee.

Haley Behre

haley-behre-photo1Haley Behre is a master’s student at CMU’s Heinz College pursuing a public policy and management degree. In Haley’s free time, she enjoys reading a good book, hanging out with friends and traveling. One day Haley hopes to visit South Korea, which is where she was born.

Fun fact: Haley lived in Norwich, England for several years growing up.