Juntos: Creating Ties

Sustainable development through meaningful partnerships.


What are we?

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit student organization from Carnegie Mellon University that has been traveling to Nicaragua since 2008. We currently travel and collaborate with the community of Rosa Grande and return every year to develop improvements within the community. Our focus is to create a sustainable relationship; we seek to empower the people of Rosa Grande to the point where they will be able to continue to progress independently.

Where is Rosa Grande?

The community of Rosa Grande is in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua (R.A.A.N.), located within the municipality of Siuna. The rural community of Rosa Grande is located about eighty miles northeast of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital city.

What do we mean by “sustainable” improvements?

When we say “sustainable,” we mean that our underlying mission is help the community improve itself so that they will no longer need our support for creating and sustaining initiatives. Our hope is to become obsolete over the next few years as the community takes over leading the projects.

How can a group of college students work with the same community for years? Don’t our group members have to graduate?

By encouraging freshmen and sophomores to join our group each year and by ensuring a balance of returning and first-time travelers, we’ve enabled our project to outlast any individual member’s time in college. New members gradually gain responsibilities after initially learning from the experiences of those who have been in the group previously and have worked on our initiatives in Nicaragua.

How do we stay in contact with the community when we’re not in Nicaragua?

We partner with Bridges to Community, a non-profit organization based in Nicaragua that maintains ties with Rosa Grande year-round and helps us make meaningful contributions to the community.

What do we do in Rosa Grande?

Throughout the year and especially during our annual trips to Nicaragua, we work on four initiatives:

education, cross-cultural art exchange, and environmental protection. Through Bridges to
Community we maintain communication with Rosa Grande so that we receive feedback on our
projects and continual updates on the needs of and changes in the community.

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