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Crowdfunding Campaign for Rosa Grande 2015!

Announcing: The Juntos 2015 Crowdfunding Campaign

Traveling to Nicaragua is a culminating moment for Juntos. Our experience in Rosa Grande allows us to connect the community to Pittsburgh through our art workshops, kitchen exchanges, and educational events.  However, meeting the high cost of the trip is our greatest challenge. This year we have eight traveling members – three more than last year. Our approximate total cost is $16,000, which includes construction materials, project supplies, and our homestay as well as travel expenses.

We fundraise tirelessly throughout the year, from cooking and selling homemade curry fried rice to participating in psychology studies on campus.  However, we need to meet our $3,000 goal in order to make the trip possible for all our members. Carnegie Mellon has taught us that anything is possible when you have a supportive community behind you. We call on all those who believe in our mission and values to help make this trip a reality for Juntos.

Our campaign crowdfunding.cmu.edu/juntos  goes live Monday, March 9th! 

Here are the projects we look forward to working on this year:

Art Workshops

Students and community members in Rosa Grande look forward to Juntos’ art workshops every summer. We host four drawing and photo workshops that inspire elementary school students to think creatively and critically about their community, their dreams, and their future.

Art Initiative

Computer Workshops

Rosa Grande had five laptops donated to the local school several years ago from OxFam. We have consistently offered workshops to schoolteachers to tap into the potential this technology represents, and this year we will do the same.  We will also provide training in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel to facilitate business planning for the community’s cooperative chocolate factory, ChocoTrim.

Computer Workshop

Kitchen Exchanges

Every day half of our group members hike to a local home to spend the morning with a family. This allows us to learn about each other’s culture and everyday lives. We typically learn to prepare traditional foods such as buñuelos (fried corn treats), and in exchange prepare foods that are special to us.

Kitchen Exchange

Eco-Friendly Latrines

We will be constructing latrines that are healthier for both people and the environment.  Sanitation is a major issue in the area, as running water is limited.  The design of most latrines results in contamination of the Rosa Grande river, an important water source for local families.  The eco-friendly latrines are a more sustainable solution and also offer families more privacy.

Eco-Friendly Latrines

Pro-Respiratory Stoves

Traditional stoves in Rosa Grande are poorly ventilated and result in respiratory health issues for those cooking. Every morning, Juntos members will collaborate with community members to construct new stoves that pipe smoke out of the cooking area and burn wood more efficiently.

Stove Construction


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