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Journal Entry #5: Jacki Yeung

1040024_4226234073934_2022373541_o29 May, 2013

Jackie Young


How do I begin? The day began with a breakfast in Siuna. It was nice to have eggs and food at the place next to the hotel. Bridges helped us get to and from places. We were to ride the airplane. Yeah, we weighed our stuff and took the plane.

We got sodas and got on the plane. Unfortunately Juan didn’t have a good time and had to barf on the plane. I had to unfortunately get my ears popped. We ate at the airport, We took a bus to Managua and we went to Granada. We went to the market. We bought souvenirs. We drank some smoothies. We took some buses. We went to the office. We went to the markets in Granada. We walked around. We saw the buildings. We are looking at the culture in the communities.

We went to another restaurant. We ate good food. We came back. We did the reflection. We were having a good night.

Well it was time to leave Siuna. I couldn’t really believe that we were to leave and not see our home again. After seeing and living in this place for two weeks, I can call this place my home. I wish I could speak more Spanish I wish I could joke more in Spanish and English. Being able to speak Spanish really allows you to speak and ask more questions about the culture. The ladies in the hotel restaurant really treated us well. Hugo seemed to get a great treatment since his plate had two eggs, more rice, two corn beef and seconds. This community is rested on communication. The moment I got here, everyone spoke Spanish. Maybe not everyone, but most people said “Adios” to me. They were so friendly that I was confused. Everything in this culture shocked me. They so cultured and inviting. I will miss the community and the occasional greetings.

Soon after I realized that we were carrying our luggage to La Costena. The end really is coming. Luckily, Sarah carried a strange urge to buy a pop. I’m glad because this gives me an excuse to interact with the community one last time. But we soon grabbed all our luggage. We were standing beneath the wing of the legendary plane. I was over excited. I was also very sad. We were actually leaving Siuna. There was still so much to learn about Siuna. Just walking around the city we got cat-calls. Haha.  There was too much attention.

Anyways, as soon as I got on the plane, I knew that something was ending. I tried my best to rid myself of this feeling. Like Margarito said, “Don’t cry too much,” haha. Always the jester. It was a smooth flight for the first time around when we landed in Siuna. Flying back, I felt a thrusting pinch in my ear because of the pressure levels. I felt like a baby and wanted to cry to Hugo. I had never felt so much pain in my life. Fortunately, it got better as we left the airport to arrive in Managua. I was so scared that I would lose and ear. Juancho wasn’t doing too well either. He was so concerned about the vomit that he was afraid we would smell it too. Everyone including Juanmi was feeling like shit. This flight pulled everyone into a state of pain. Hugo was fine though.

When I was ordering lunch I asked Hugo what is the word for lettuce in Spanish. He told me lateche or lutega. One of them meant “owl” I went to the lady at the panini place and confidently said “do you have letuga?” I was hoping they would have lettuce, but they didn’t. Then I came back to Hugo and he’s laughing. Adelaide too was laughing. I find out that he could have made me ask the ladies, “do you have owl?” making me look like a fool. Hugo sure knows how to play tricks. I actually played a trick on Hugo in Managua. He ended up pulling bathroom door while Molly is in the bathroom. I laugh while he tries to open it. Haha.

Meanwhile, everyone is eating their lunch. Adelaide goes about and asks Juanmi for his chicken leg. Adelaide goes about and says just one piece. Juanmi gives in and passes her a piece. Since Adelaide decides to share, she passes the leg around and Hugo eats the whole leg up, the very small remains left on the chicken bone. We laugh because Adelaide was hoping to get some piece of the morsel. I laugh as we all watch Adelaide bother/pester Juanmi for another chicken leg.

After food, we get on this fancy bus. I was shocked, because I didn’t even expect this. It is easier to set lower standards and get a surprise. I felt like a tourist getting on this bus. Everything was so well organized. We were to head to a market.

I have to tell you, I fell in love. I know it might seem like something else to others, but absolutely fell in love with the crafts in the whole place. As I walked in, I took photos with Jess and Hugo. I began to touch wooden puzzle pieces. My heart raced at the sight of the glossed paint of the puzzles. I couldn’t let my eyes off of the whole rack of wooden crafts. Everything was breathtaking. I wished I could buy all of them. I’ll admit I was kinda afraid of the shop owners in case they would force me to purchase something. They were pretty nice about it though.

What caught my attention was the most was the wooden jewelry. I loved the wooden pieces so much. They require skill and time I believe. I couldn’t let my sight off the wooden earrings and bracelets. I wish I fell in love with more things but I didn’t.

I felt naked walking alone, so I decided to shop with the others. Everyone had purchased a hammock, I didn’t really bring money, so I stuck to my earrings. I buy a lot of things back home, but I felt like I should look around still. I didn’t really need anything. When we alll congregated to the smoothie stand, I bought a drink. We all slowly decided to buy something to drink. Slowly as we sat down, people would come up to use and they would ask for money.

I never did understand this feeling. They were trying to make a living. They need money as much as we do. I found myself and others judging/making fun of a kid saying “I love you” while holding a cricket. I heard him cuss afterwards, but I tried to brush it off. I’m not sure how I feel about this situation. Should I feel like I’m rightful in laughing, or just let it go? I guess I should just let it go. Juanmi says that things happen and you can’t really do anything about some harsh realities.

I felt like I had to part with this feeling. Let it go. One of the women/old ladies stood at the edge of our table and begged for money. I’m from NY (I say this a lot) (I don’t know how justified it is). There are many beggars from where I’m from. I got tricked many times into giving money and found out it wasn’t really going to what they preached. I would brush them off. One woman came over with coconut powder and made the table her home. She was really (???) to me. I wanted to just wait it out. She took out more packages and began to shove it towards my face. I didn’t know how to react. I just smiled. She unwrapped the bags and pushed the bag to my nose. I felt disrespect. My space was definitely not given. I understood that everyone needs to make a living. Soon after we all leave the market.

I’m still perplexed by the events that occurred. In a matter of time, the bus we were on passes into Granada. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What is happening? I felt like I moved to a different place in a matter of minutes. The buildings shined compared to the shacks in Rosa Grande. All the suggestions of new materials popped out before me. Roof tops were made with shingles. Each one costs money. Walls were painted with numerous colors selected from the Spaniard’s palette. Floors had pavements. Sidewalks had tiles. People walking down the streets were well-dressed. Numerous tourists popped out with their fancy gadgets. The people of Nicaragua seemed different. Signs of wealth spread from top to bottom. All the buildings were possibly two stories high. The sidewalks would have a rooftop cantelevered over. I felt like I was in paradise, but one that lies in a dream. There aren’t enough words to describe the confusion yet happiness I had. I, of course, felt much happiness mentally. I felt so happy. Everything seemed so perfect. As we got to our hotel, I eyed the many stores and building structures. The hotel was gorgeous. As we entered, there was a garden at the heart of the hotel. It was a two story building. There was a tiled floor. Numerous chairs laid in the corridors. We got our room keys. I was sharing with Juan, Jess and Sarah.

Wow this is getting long. I’m going ot try to cut this short. We had an amazing room and we were to have dinner in a bit. This would be our last dinner with Sarah.

We ate at El Tercer Ojos. It was amazing! The ambiance was so relaxing. I got a piece of fish. It was good.

We went back and had our reflections.

We went to sleep and hoped for the best.

Oh right, well if you want to know more, we did a lot of walking around Granada and saw a lot of beautiful buildings. Granada made Nicaragua out to be an amazing place. Not sure if it shows the whole picture, but we got a chance to reflect on the neighborhoods tourists visit and the places where locals grow up to make their agricultures grow.

We were really happy to see the beautiful architecture of Granada. I’m really glad to have been able to see the city of Granada.

For now, thank you. I would love to go back to Granada in the future.

Deeply grateful,



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