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Journal Entry #3: Juan Acosta


25 May, 2013

Juan Acosta

My turn! Today was construction day for me, Jess and Jackie. We left after breakfast to build a stove with Don Luis and Omar (???) (the son of the guardia Don Santos). We basically climbed the fuck out of two fat as mountains. I slipped. Twice. Hugo joined us and made his quirky little expressions intermittenly as he tends to do. He’s a bit of a funny guy (haha funny, not weird funny). We helped build what I imagine to be the foundations of the oven. I tried myself to make Don Luis proud (though I was tired as FUCK when we got to the house) but in the end we really weren’t as much of a help as I would have hoped for. We walked back (Jess, Jacki and I) with long walking sticks. It was a pretty grueling trek back but okay because we had gallo pinto awaiting us. The cacao workshop with Don Agusto went SO well. After I took a long needed nap, Adelaide and I asked him and his companeos (Alvaro (brother), William and Omar (???)) questions about the factory and got answeres. Answers are good. Answers are awesome and I can’t wait to share them with the group. They were all so receptive to the idea of an income statement and they picked it up so quickly. They requested a timesheet type document for us to leave them behind to use so I’ll collaborate with Adelaide on that tomorrow in the morning instead of going to construct with Don Luis. In the afternoon, Adelaide and I walked over to the school and saw the mural the girls (Molly, Jess & Jenny) had started. Jackie, Hugo, Sarah and me ended up playing with the school children. We saw them play wheel barrel racing and then we took them inside to play 7-up. It was more like 4-up becuase we thought it would get too out of hand with 7 students. The students asked if we’d return tomorrow (Sunday), and I had to say no. Sad :(. They looked like they had fun and I know I did. At one point one of the students asked me if I had water to give him but I told him no. I’m not sure why but it suprised me that he asked. I guess Bridges ideas haven’t been around for that long to have an impact on everyone yet. Though even if that were the case, that is not to say people shouldn’t still ask for things. We had fried tuna fish, potato salad  and gallo pinto and a pico de gallo type side. It was great! The food that Alba and Zenayda prepare is so delicious. I was not prepared for food this good. After dinner we chatted, Jacki gushed on Jess and we had an impromptu 15 minute dance party (strobe lights and all). It was actually quite funny that this happened simultaneously as Molly was having a serious conversation with Don Luis. He wasn’t phased by it all though, what a freaking boss.

As I lay here sweaty, smelly and crusty, I hear the people upstairs (Hugo included) watching boxing.

When we were playing 7-up (4-up) the students were so enthusiastic. I asked if they wanted to switch to play 4 anas (??) but they SCREAMED “No!!”. There were lots of kids who wanted to mess around and liked to stand up even if they weren’t picked. Also, at first, the students either wouldn’t pick anyone, or they would pick more than one.

The time in the community is going by SO QUICKLY though. I wish we could stay longer. I am so proud of the group, we have been jiving and grooving pretty well together. I don’t have any complaints. All these gals are pretty coold and I am proud and honored to be working along their side. Jacki is so enthusiastic throughout the game! I am very impressed with how much she has adapted and how much she is always attempting to communicate and learn. When she leared a new word on the trip over there, she would repeat it three or four times, “carretera,” “carretera,” “carretera.” She’s like a pokeman.

Don Agusto and Don Luis are so wise and I feel like the’ve lived enough for 10 lives. Anyielka is so quiet and curious and sweet. I think she is one of my favorites. I am looking forward to the chocolate factory tour tomorrow and about our workshops Monday. I feel overwhelmed to reflect a little because I feel like there are a lot of layers to this experience: learning Nicaraguan Spanish, learning to construct, managing time to dedicate to initiative work, conducting our workshops, working as a team, getting to know lots of people and so on makes this experience one that would take days to fully reflect and get all the juice out of, ya know. We’ve only played “desmolche” one night and I am determined to play again (sans Jackie because she is TOO good) so I can beat Don Luis at least just one time



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