Juntos: Creating Ties

Sustainable development through meaningful partnerships.

Fall ’13 / Spring ’14 Update

We are pleased to announce that Juntos is having a great start in the Fall semester, and we are even more pumped to move forward developing our projects in the Spring!

New Members

After a rigorous recruitment process, Juntos elected several new members from many different academic backgrounds including architecture, economics, design, technical writing, and more. Everyone is super eager to get working, and have fun getting to know one another in the process!


Gathering in the stairwell…


Picture Perfect

New Initatives

We’ve had some discussions about revamping our initiatives, and thus far, the initiatives we agreed upon include cooking, language learning (an internal Juntos initiative) , arts, cacao, and Nicaraguan history.

Right now in the spring semester, we are focusing primarily on the art and cacao initiatives. The cacao initiative is in charge of planning our Late Night (March 22nd 10pm – 1am in the UC), which is a campus-wide event centered-around chocolate. However, before that, we plan to screen to the public Black Gold, a documentary which discusses fair trade in the coffee industry.

Service Learning: Fireside Chats

This year we introduced a new component to Juntos: Fireside Chats. Our monthly Fireside Chats allow new and old members to develop critical perspectives about service, along with providing an historical understanding of Nicaragua (particularly its relationship to the United States). Members gather at coffee shops, quiet corners, or someone’s apartment to watch documentary clips, listen to radio segments, and discuss topics essential to becoming more thoughtful social servants.


Inspired by FDRs inspirational fireside talks during the Great Depression and this guy.


In the fall we sold fried rice as our primary fundraiser, which we will continue to do. The sales were quite successful – most of the time we ran out before our anticipated deadline. We raised a hefty amount from each sale and are excited about continuing into the spring semester.


We still keep up with our baking fundraisers, of course! Juntos member Jenny Soracco and Sage Po have spearheaded baking for catering and faculty events at CMU, and are making a killing!

baking cookbook

Have a virtual taste of the kinds of things we bake ;0

Recently, we applied to the Andrew Carnegie Scholars scholarship; but unfortunately, we were not funded. Juntos is optimistic about the Tartans Abroad scholarship (wish us luck!), which we will apply to in the coming weeks.

Look forward to more posts about initiatives and events in the future!


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